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Logistic Management

We understand clinical trials and how important is the treatment of storage , handling and controlled temperature delivery of products. We have excellent project management skills which would take care of drug storage and its handling. Our wide partnership with leading clearing agents and logistic companies ensure that transportation of study drugs is done smoothly without compromising on the safety and stability of the drugs. It is not just the delivery of drugs from once place to another but taking whole environment of storage and controlled temperature with the shipment from one location to another. Timely delivery is norm for us as we understand how timelines are important to achieve every milestone of research development. We assure you of best services in the world in terms of domestics, import and export of drug shipments. Validated packaging, gel packs , proper seals and quality of data loggers ensure that there is no an adverse impact of any weather change on the stability of the drugs.
Real time tracking is done if required to know the exact location of the drug shipment. ERP system is used to track the real time location of the shipment. Clients are well informed about pick up , drop ,and in transit locations of drugs movement.

Comparator Sourcing

You need not worry about where to procure and how to procure, you can leave that task to us and we promise you to provide the best products and services without any hassle.
We have partnered with leading suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers from all over the globe.
We have strong network of suppliers in India, USA, and Europe. The best feature of our services is the delivery of quality products within defined timelines.
We also provide labeling/relabeling task if needed. Our Pune based facility is equipped with the required infrastructure to perform labeling.

Drug Storage Management

Just relax. Our depot is equipped with the modern stat of art. It is complied with the global storage regulations. We have government certification for the storage of the drugs which are required for clinical research. Our facility is governed with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). We have storage cabinets, refrigerators and deep freezers to maintain the required temperature for the study drugs according to the protocol.
Data loggers are used to monitor the temperature for 24*7*365. We have DG (Diesel Generator) and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems in place as back up for the electricity failure.
We make sure housekeeping and hygiene is thoroughly maintained . All equipment’s in our facility are validated from time to time .
There are separate areas for quarantine, main storage and dispatch sections to avoid any mix up or contamination.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affair is the most dynamic part of research development, it keeps changing all the time. It is need of the hour to keep tab on the changes happening around so as to adjust the project timelines and to ensure compliance with the changes. Our team of experts who work closely with the Indian regulatory and other regulatory authorities from all over the globe gives assurance that you are align with the regulatory environment. Right from reviewal of documents, compilation of documents, submission of dossiers and follow up with the regulatory agencies for the approval, our expert team would ensure that you are always ahead of your competitors.
Our strong and robust regulatory intelligence helps you to have right and best regulatory strategies for your research development.Our cordial relationship with RA people from government is value addition that led us to get the approvals without much of hassles.


If it’s done with us then it is more than vigilance. Our expert team ensures that the submission and review to regulatory agencies is done in timely fashion.
Any SAEs, which have tight timelines for the submission,
our team ensures that all stakeholders are trained and informed the importance of regulatory compliance of report review and submissions.
Our team has worked with all latest software systems on pharmacovigilance.